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About Us

Sid Weber was a retired commercial pilot and long-time Sky Valley retiree, who lost his battle with leukemia in 2005.  Charitable donations made in his memory were channeled into an assistance fund for Rabun County cancer patients.  The SWMCF started by offering aid up to $500 per patient, but now patients may receive up to $2200.  The Fund has paid out more than $800,000 to hundreds of Rabun County cancer patients. 

The Sid Weber board is comprised of volunteers.  Our patient coordinator receives only a small stipend, so that almost all of the money we raise goes to patient assistance.

If you would like to donate to this 501-c3 non-profit organization, please send your check to:

PO Box 485

Rabun Gap, GA 30568

If you are a cancer patient, and need assistance, please call:

(706) 746-3350

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